What's up, pussycats? When both metal and the market take a beating in the same two-week period, what's going on? I suppose someone could hazard, "Everybody is in profit-taking mode?" but that's entirely too simple for this Li'l Ol' Conspiracy Theorist. Particularly in a world where a lot of us eye Federal Reserve Notes with more than our usual disdain and feelings of insecurity.

I've been leery of the movement in metals for quite some time, and, being an LOCT, find it quite plausible that there are not-very-well-hidden thumbs on the scales because it just doesn't make any sense, even with China on a gold-buying binge, that the bulls and the bears are playing tug-of-war so fiercely. It makes me very nervous to contemplate a game where I don't know the rules and don't know who the players are...but even if the game is rigged you can't win if you don't play. Read More