American Silver Eagles Bullion Coins

Genuine U.S. Legal Tender, each American Eagle Bullion coin is guaranteed by the U.S. Government to be one full oz. of 99.9% Pure Silver and redeemable anywhere American currency is accepted.
If you had to start a coin collection with only one type of coin, the Silver American Eagle Bullion coin should be your first choice!
 I own many graded and ungraded Silver Eagles and continue to add them to my growing collection.
Here are a few reasons why I think you should too.
#1 Numismatic Value - your Silver Eagle will ALWAYS be worth something! It will never be worth less than face value or the price of Silver per oz. on a spot basis. However the collectabile or Numismatic value in almost all cases would be the real reason to buy and hold American Silver Eagle Bullion coins.
In fact just recently the U.S. Mint had halted prouduction of 2009 Silver Eagle coins .. This was unprecedented and it very well could happen again!
It looks like collectors aren't taking any chances. Just one look on E Bay and you can see that on any given day, American Silver Eagles are selling at a premium and well over Red Book value.
Still need a reason to buy Silver American Eagles?? Stay tuned and I'll give you some more.