Hey America, Buy Canadianpm

silver maple
Every couple of months, I get an itch to buy physical silver. The form isn’t entirely important; junk silver, government bullion, or refiners rounds/bars all work well. I have all of them, but I’ve always had a bias towards government bullion because in a crisis situation I think I’d have an easier time proving the authenticity/content of the coin if it was originally backed by a government. For example, let’s say you’re a vendor who sells food and water. Two buyers come up, almost simultaneously, looking to get the last of your stock. One has a handful of art rounds, each a full ounce of silver, depicting Santa Claus, Elvis Presley, or maybe the hilarious anti-CTFC rounds. The other, though, has a stack of Eagles, Maples, or Philharmonics. It shouldn’t really matter which silver you take as they’re all silver, but maybe you’re just not as confident about the Elvis Presley rounds as you are about an American Eagle, right? Even though in such a scenario the underlying governments may have little, if any, remaining authority, we’re programmed to still see something with the US Government stamped on it and presume it is official. After all, it seems less likely that a nefarious entity would counterfeit what would still be US legal tender, risking the extreme penalties for being caught, when it would seem far easier to stamp a ‘.999 silver’ brand on a silver-plated non-legal-tender copper coin without comparable penalties even if they were caught. You might be able to find a mint mark for a respectable refiner, but wouldn’t it be safer just to take the government bullion? That’s always been my thinking behind weighting them more in my physical silver holdings.