Knowledge Is Power - Before You Sell Your Coins or Jewelry - Talk To Us!

          Are You Selling Old Costume Jewelry or U.S. Coins?
  • Have an old coin collection, horde, or inheritance? Maybe some Costume Jewelry?  Want to cash in while prices are high?  Contact us today to have an experienced collector appraise, evaluate, or sell your coins, or precious metals.       
                                          ~No collection too small or large~

What We Do

Founded in 1995, Daniel Piraino and David Dittler have both appraised and sold hundreds of collections for clients in the Upstate New York area and south Florida for over fifteen  years.  We can appraise, evaluate, or sell your collections.
Unlike most appraisal businesses and coin companies, we will
  • Drive directly to your door ! 

  • Check every single coin for rarity, not just for the silver/gold value!!!
  • Can appraise your collection 
  • Give you the option to sell portions of the collection when the metals markets are in your favor, so that you earn the most money possible
  • Go over the scope of your collection with you before appraising. 
  • Can appraise any collection -    Antiques- Jewelry - U.S. Coins   large or small! 

    Contact either Daniel Piraino 954-461-4342 or David Dittler 315-415-0253