Bullion vs Numismatic

When you stop valuing a coin by its metal content and instead by its rarity or other factors, you’ve 
stepped into the world of numismatic, or collectible, coins. 

Bullion Coin $25
Certified (Numismatic) Coin $ 125

Bullion Coin: $25 or Numismatic Coin: $125 
These uncirculated 1-ounce Silver Eagle coins are both available for sale on the same website. 
The bullion coin on the top, valued for its silver content, sells for $25 — roughly the current price of an ounce of silver and an added dealer commission.
The numismatic coin valued for its silver content, condition and relative rarity sells 
 for $125.  
Bullion vs.Numismatic: Same Coin,Different Values.
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