Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver

For 2,400 years a pattern has continually repeated with disastrous consequences:
  • Governments start out with sound money that people trust.
  • Governments take on more obligations that require more debt.
  • Governments print more currency to pay the bills.
  • The public senses prices going up and know that something isn’t right.
  • People trade their government currency for Gold and Silver.
  • Gold and Silver revalue themselves to account for all the currency printed. This historically affords precious metal owners massive gains in purchasing power to buy more land, real estate, stocks, businesses, etc.
You can probably feel the squeeze right now.
You notice at the supermarket that milk, eggs, and bread all cost a little more than they did just a few years ago. You notice that paying for gas is taking more and more of you paycheck.
You can either fight this trend or take advantage of it.
Mike Maloney's Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver is a book about both education and taking action. In the book Mike will show you how this cycle has repeatedly occurred with practical advice on how to take advantage of it.
Mike believes this will be the Greatest Wealth Transfer of ALL TIME!
In his book Mike explains:
  • The history of money and currency around the world and in the United States. By understanding our past we can truly know our present day scenario.
  • The current precious metals situation and how that affects you as a member of society and an investor.
  • What tomorrow holds for both precious metals and the financial system in general.
  • How to intelligently invest in precious metals.
Presently, we are faced with a very rare opportunity to increase our wealth exponentially—if we are armed with the right knowledge. Mike's book Rich Dad's Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver will equip you with this knowledge.