Mining Auction Gold

With the economic crisis well underway, estate sale sizes have grown tremendously.In today's economy cash is king and so many people need the extra money that they'll sell almost anything—including the family jewels !

Here is a simple guide to make the process of finding, and buying, estate silver(and maybe GOLD) easier.

Finding a good estate sale is a little like mining for gold. You may have to dig through hundreds of listings before you find the items you want, but when you do, you might just stumble upon a hoard of precious metals.

One of the best places to look is, where you can search all available estate auctions within a certain distance of where you live. Craigslist, an online classifieds website is another great place to look. You can also check in the Sunday newspaper for auction, garage sales and estate listings.

Call on Every Estate Sale (garage sales too!)

Most estate sales adds fail to mention each and every item an estate has to sell. For instance, if an estate has a large collection of furniture, land or automobiles to sell, it may list only those big ticket items even if there is a large hoard of coins or jewelry to be auctioned as well ..

Your best bet is to call for information on each auction asking specifically about jewelry, coins or bullion but don't get chatty, the less anybody knows about what your after-the better!
This also goes for when you are at the auction as well! Keep your mouth shut and keep your distance. Going straight to the coin or jewelry table may tip off the pros.. Pretend your playing poker! If you did your homework you already know what you want and how much your going to bid. You may get lucky and be one of the few people interested in bullion at that particular sale, or in the best case the only person interested in bullion!

Auctions that include a large swath of collectibles are usually going to command top dollar since they attract quite a few people(pros) who may know quite a bit about bullion and coin collecting. Just be careful, auctions are a great place to unload phony coins!

Today’s economic conditions make buying silver and gold more exciting than ever before!