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Real Solutions For Regular Americans
The basic premise of my solution to globalism is one of non-participation. we must provide for ourselves and for others those human necessities the corrupt system cannot or will not. This means, if the system denies us meaningful community, we must build a meaningful community for ourselves. If the system denies us a stable currency, then we must start using our own. If the system denies us the truth and honest news providers, then we must establish and support our own information networks. The system, especially if it is a globalist collectivist one, requires that the masses rely on it. 
 It requires that people NEED the system in order to survive. 

 This can be done on an individual basis, and requires no traditional and structured organization. Let’s look at possible methods for applying this idea.
Alternative News: This solution is already in action and is a perfect example of the effectiveness of non-participation in the system. Right now, the ratings and viewership of mass media sources is crumbling, especially in terms of economic news. Alternative web news traffic is exploding. By providing the truth (a human necessity) we in the alternative media offered what the system would not. In response, millions of people have started to turn away from the system run media to get what they require. It’s very simple. We did not need to organize mass protests, riots, or guerilla takeovers of newsrooms. We did not need billions of dollars to buy a television network. We did not need to “get on the inside”, as some people humorously suggest, and try to leak the truth in tiny tidbits so that the corporate oligarchs wouldn’t notice. All we needed to do to take down the MSM was to make readily available that information which they kept hidden.
By providing alternative sources of information and by pointing out elitist activities while they are still in initial stages, we can also preempt their plans. By pointing out what they are doing while they are doing it, the globalists are forced to decide whether to continue their action to its end point and risk being exposed further to the public, or to stop before finishing and lay another plan to rest in the dustbin. Either way, we win.
This method can be applied to many more areas besides media…
Stop Participating In Banks: If you are a business owner with a lot of capital influx, this solution may be more difficult to follow. But, if you are a regular working stiff like me, this can be done easily. I have not had a bank account in four years and I have organized my expenses better than I did when I had accounts. While some banks may not be knowingly participating in the problem, all banks are under the purview of the Federal Reserve, which IS knowingly part of the problem. Banks create and loan money out of thin air, then charge people interest for the money that cost them nothing to make. By closing your bank accounts, you at least remove your part in the illusion that banks operate on reserves at all, as well as diminish their ability to abuse the capital you are providing them. Not to mention, you stop paying bank fees, you stop relying on debit cards and checks which saves you money, and, you protect yourself from a bank holiday. As we have covered on many occasions, the FDIC is broke, and when it finally goes under, there will be a run on banks. Better to have your money out now than be one of those in the frantic crowd begging the bank to open its doors so you can buy groceries.
As far as securing your money, unless you have millions, it’s clear-cut; just make a hiding place and stow it without telling anyone where it is. If you’re worried about your house burning down and your savings along with it, get a fireproof safe. The more people close their accounts, the less influence the banks have over our capital. It also exposes the fact that banks actually have little physical cash to back the accounts they list as holdings. If enough people do this, the false banking system itself could implode, which sounds disastrous, however, the fact remains that we cannot replace the corrupt system with an honest system until the corrupt system is removed.
Stop Participating In The Dollar: The dollar is done. Currently, House lawmakers are discussing trade sanctions against China for currency manipulation, and Japan has just intervened in its own currency this week:
This intervention was apparently unilateral, meaning it will not be supported by the U.S. and Europe (as we predicted in our last article). Where is this headed? I have no doubt we will see trade wars and currency wars between the West and Asia relatively soon:
The U.S. Government may put on a happy face initially for Japan, and they may not immediately go after China, but it will happen eventually, especially as the U.S. economy continues to degrade. The government will have to offer a scapegoat, and China is likely to be it, along with Japan if they continue intervention. This will result in a Treasury bond dump by China, which they have been blatantly preparing for the past three years. The dollar will collapse, guaranteed.
How can you make a difference in such a massive problem? Place your savings in commodities like gold and silver.
If we are to end the tyranny of fiat, we have to have an alternative currency. Right now, precious metals are the best option. Gold has recently sprinted past previous records and is now holding around $1270 an ounce. This is just the beginning. I would not be surprised to see gold at around $1350 to $1400 by this winter. As the dollar continues to degrade, and as inflation becomes a reality, the best way to protect your savings will be through PM’s.
Skeptics will argue that gold is inherently “valueless”. I always respond by asking them how much more “value” they think their paper dollars have. Everyone wants to attack gold, but conversely, no one wants to actually compare the benefits of gold to fiat. I also usually refer people who parrot MSM talking points on gold to the early writings of Alan Greenspan, before he was sucked into the maniacal carnival death cult otherwise known as the Federal Reserve:
I have heard the argument that because we are facing a deflationary collapse, gold is a bad investment. First off, we are NOT in a traditional deflationary collapse. If you want to see one, go to Japan, where prices are actually deflating. Here in the U.S. prices on goods and commodities are rising, in some cases 25% or more over the past year:
Some who see rising prices claim that this is still deflation, and that prices are rising due to manipulation. I think it much more likely, as has been proven with gold and silver, that prices are being manipulated DOWN in most cases, not up. In fact, many retailers will absorb wholesale price increases on goods just to keep shelf prices stable in the hopes of maintaining their customer base. And yet, prices have still increased despite this manipulation since the crisis began. This is inflation. Analysts need to stop clinging to the typical idea of deflation and inflation and look at the situation as it is. While some elements of the economy are deflating, like housing, this does not mean that housing is any longer a good indicator of deflation in the rest of the economy. What we are seeing is elements of both inflation and deflation at the same time (and no, they don’t cancel each other out). Gold has held its own and will hold its own exactly because currencies around the world are being devalued and even greater inflation is a very real possibility.
Eventually, once the dollar and the global bankers are out of the picture, a gold backed currency could be implemented much like the currency we used rather successfully up until 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established and we slowly lost control over our money.
Buying gold and silver though is only a start…
Start An Alternative Economy: Individuals can put this into action by building barter and trade networks in their communities. Skills, labor, and goods can be traded by neighbors without government influence or interference in transactions. This can also be expanded to the web, and some people with ingenuity have done just that, including the ‘We Trade Network’, which you can view here (Special thanks to Catherine Austin Fitts for posting this to her website,
The barter network keeps wealth in communities and out of the corporate apparatus. It also allows us to be less affected by any economic collapse that does occur in the globalist system, because we will have already constructed our own system outside of its sphere of influence. Barter and trade alone are not enough though, and to be truly effective as an alternative community, we need industry.
Start A Micro-Industry: There are many savvy business people in the Liberty Movement; those that could establish a gold and silver based currency network, and those that have the means to create not titanic corporations, but at least micro-industries within their own communities. This starts with a standardization of payment.
If Liberty Movement business leaders began accepting gold and silver as payment for goods and services instead of requiring customers to exchange their PM’s for dollars before hand, this would go a long way towards building an alternative economy. If Liberty Movement Business leaders then started giving their employees the option of being paid in gold and silver instead of dollars, it would make an even bigger impression. Given the fact that the Liberty Movement is growing exponentially every year, and the fact that the dollar is likely to degrade heavily soon, this is also good business sense. It would only take a few influential men to initiate this process.
Those who wish to start a business in their communities and have sufficient space can organize local garden trade, solar power grids, furniture making, tool making, even small electronics outfits or telephone companies. The point is to separate oneself from the diseased system and start a healthy one, one community at a time. This is not difficult. It only requires that people stop thinking about taking action, and actually take action.
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