$5,000 Gold Bandwagon Now Includes These 75 Analysts – Got Gold?

This little band of gold enthusiasts started out few in numbers a few years back but has made a parabolic move over the past year or so much like their projections for the future price of gold. They now number an unbelieveable 108 who have stated, with sound reasons in their opinions, why gold could quite possibly go to a parabolic top of at least $2,500 an ounce – to even as much as an unimaginable $15,000 – before the bubble finally pops! In fact, the majority (75) maintain that $5,000 or more for gold is possble. In this article I identify those economists, analysts and financial writers and provide the URLs of their articles so you can ascertain for yourself their logic for such parabolic moves in the years to come.   By: Lorimer Wilson                          Click Here To See Entire Article