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2010-W PR70 ANACS $50 Gold Buffalo is proud to present the American Buffalo Gold Bullion PR70 Coin!
The one ounce Proof Gold Buffalo coins are struck in pure 24 karat gold. A ‘Proof’ coin means that the coin has gone through a special process of being struck by polished dies and the fields of the coin shine with a mirrored finish. This coin is, quite simply, an extraordinarily beautiful example of gold coin artistry. It bears the same .9999 purity of gold, but the difference is that these proof coins are exceedingly limited. These coins have been minted exclusively at the West Point Mint and carry the 'W' mint mark.

Numis Network is honored and proud to be an authorized seller of the new American Buffalo 24-karat gold bullion coin. These coins have a face value of $50 and each contain one troy ounce of the purest gold available in any coin.
And now, Numis Network provides The American Buffalo solid gold coin to you, encapsulated and untouched, in dazzling PR70 pure perfection. You may wish to order yours while you still can.
American gold coins have traditionally been made in 22-karat gold: a mix of gold with copper and silver for hardness. Because 24-karat gold is softer, it was commonly felt that a 24-karat coin would be unable to endure the rigors of circulation. However, because of stiff competition by world mints, Congress authorized the production of these spectacular new American Buffalo gold bullion coins.
A remake of the 20th century classic Buffalo Nickel, these beautifully-designed coins are experiencing unprecedented popularity and have become one of the most collected coins by date and mint-mark of all U.S. coins. These magnificent Buffalo 24-karat gold coins have been manufactured at West Point by the U.S. Mint.

Distinctive Design with Iconic Images
Obverse (front) shows the profile of aNative America Chief
Reverse depicts a majestic Buffalo
Measures approx 1.25' in diameter
Weighs 1 oz.
Encapsulated - for preservation and presentation
The design of the American Buffalo 24-karat gold coin features the profile of a Native American chief on the obverse side, and a buffalo on the reverse. Created by James Earle Fraser, a renowned American sculptor who was once a student of the legendary Augustus Saint-Gaudens, he originally designed the images used here for another coin. Each of these uniquely American coins is inscribed with .9999 Fine Gold, 1 OZ, Liberty, E Pluribus Unum, and In God We Trust.

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