Numis Network Review- What Are Those Coins Really Worth?

One of the first things people ask when learning about Numis Network are the coins. They almost immediately want to know how much they are worth and if they are overpriced or not. The answer to the overpriced question is that Numis Network coins are competitively priced. The owners of Numis Network wanted to differentiate the company from the start. They knew the industry and positioned the 'product' first! Most other network marketing companies prefer to lead with the 'oppurtunity' as opposed to the product, in most cases for obvious reasons. As a coin collector myself, I knew the coins were competitively priced from my own research, but  I’ll show you some proof. If you go get yourself a copy of Money Magazine, Forbes or just turn on the TV or computer, you are likely to find a plethora of advertising from other numismatic coin and bullion dealers. If you were to compare the prices of Numis Network coins to the coins those dealers sell, you will find that the Numis coins are in fact as good if not a better value!

You could also head on over to their pricing is almost identical to Numis Network. Just by doing some basic research you will find that Numis Network Coins are not overpriced. A 2009 MS70 Silver American Eagle is priced from $120 to $215 depending on the retailer. Numis Network Silver American Eagles retail for $120 and distributors and preferred customer can purchase them for $99.

Many people are confused about whether the coins are bullion, and what the difference is between numismatic coins and bullion. The coins sold through Numis are numismatic coins – more specifically they are MS70 numismatic coins, which is the highest grade possible. Numismatic coins are collectible coins that are graded by a professional(Third Party) grading service and encapsulated for protection. The biggest benefit of numismatic coins and MS70 coins is their value isn’t just determined by the precious metal content like bullion coins, but also because of their rarity, collector demand, and condition.
Go over the the United States Mint web site and look at the American Silver Eagles - make sure you read the small print, you might be very surprised.

Numis Network specializes in the sale of modern issue MS70 coins that are graded by only the most respected and trusted grading services (i.e. ANACS, NGC and PCGS). This ensures the coins you receive are of the highest value and are recognized as such. Numis Network coins come from the leading government mints and include the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and the new Timberwolf , Chinese Silver Panda, Australian Koala and Kookaburra, Silver Mexico Libertad, Silver Britannia, and Austrian Gold Philharmonic.

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