Silver And Gold Collectible Coin Facts.

Silver started at about $5 in 2000. Tonight, it's about $24.96/oz. Thats pretty damm good in anyones book!

Silver's gone up 760% for the period of the last ten years, which works out to an annual average of 24%. That fairly beats out any other major monetary investment class, and it's only money, the best investment that there is, since it's the very definition of liquidity and money.

And yet, the tiny silver market still only has about $2 billion of new investor money flowing into it annually. It is tiny, tiny, tiny in the scale of world finance, and stands to gain about 30% per year, or more, on average, for decades to come.

The silver market is so small, and so few people are following it, that it's taken me many years to figure out something very basic, because there are so few people following this market who would be available to bring this to my attention earlier than now. This realization is that even tiny increases in the rate of inflation of new money will cause massive increases in the eventual dollar prices of silver, because the paper money market is already so obscenely large, and the silver market is still so ridiculously small.

I strongly advise you to take possession of certified Silver and Gold coins at anywhere near today's price, while you still can. The fundamentals indicate rising prices for decades to come.