Can The Government Take My Numismatic Gold & Silver Coins? And What About The Chinese???

Its time we put this one to bed. I've also noticed a few articles as of late on why one should buy bullion as opposed to numismatics gold and silver coins. I spotted this article by Peter Schiff recently that gave me a chuckle, called "Spending Your Stash" it's a knee slapper. Seems that Peter thinks if we should somehow end up in a barter economy that bullion bars and coins will be better than numismatic Gold and Silver.

 Maybe in Westport CT that's how things would roll, but I seriously doubt it in the real world.
Certified and graded coins are one of the best ways to get into Gold and Silver as far as I'm concerned and would have the same barter credibility as a raw coin if not more .. And as Peter notes, trading bullion bars might be a problem. Just like all the phony coins that are currently being purchased unknowingly every single day, but Peter almost forgot to bring that up! He did mention Chinese Pandas, he didn't mention the fake Morgans, Peace Dollars and others that the Chinese have made for years.

 This is one of the reason's certified and graded numismatic coins make sense.
 But please, don't take my word for it. Go to PCGS or NGC  if your not familiar, and check them out.

As far as confiscation goes,
                     From the sound of it ,the government could do what ever they want to do...
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