The Feel Good FED News Conference Of The Year!

Looks like the reviews are back and the FED is doing a great job! By the way, how do you respond to the criticism ? The short answer is still .."It's not my job Steve" and please, no more comments from left field or about the dollar ..
Who let CNBC in here anyway ..??

Ben did a great job memorizing his lines but still has that same semi petrified gaze and its obvious that no amount of coaching from the White House PR staff is going to keep his voice from giving himself away .. But he has polished up his act .. just a touch.

I'm still thinking if anyone thought that anything good was going to come out this three ring circus, that we all need to have our heads examined. Most of it just verified what I had already thought ..
#1 - Keep buying Silver..
#2 - Prepare to max out any remaining credit line that you might have on the purchase of Silver & Gold
#3 - Get ready for the fun to begin.. 
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