When Buying Silver And Gold, Insist On The Real Thing

You should be buying silver. The real thing.

Of course you are free to play in the paper markets, but we have a strong feeling that most people would be much better off just buying physical Silver Bars and Coins.

This was a much easier recommendation to make when silver was only around $4 or $5. Even after this (expected) pullback silver is nowhere near the bargain and screaming buy it used to be. So should you still be buying it? We can’t answer that for you…but we can tell you that a certain blogger is putting his money where his mouth is…and he's making regular silver purchases. I can also tell you that he wouldn’t do that if he didn’t think silver still had a long, long way to go in this bull market.

Along with collecting nickels, silver is probably the best way for those of us who can’t make significant gold purchases to protect ourselves against the decline in the dollar. Moreover, silver has unique potential to accelerate in price ahead of an all-out dollar collapse. That means that unlike gold which will more or less just protect your purchasing power, silver could actually make you at least a little richer.

Either way, you should be collecting the physical stuff: gold if you can, silver and U.S. nickels otherwise. Just as insurance. Because things can get very, very bad during a currency collapse. That’s when gold and silver (and copper and nickel too!) can help you maintain or even improve your standard of living even as everyone else falls into destitution.