The Best Way To Start Your Gold Coin Hoard- One Gold Coin At A Time

I get asked all the time if its possible to purchase one gold coin at a time, or if buying a gold coin every once and a while makes sense? If your just starting out as a collector, buying one coin every month is a great way to get into the hobby .. Did he just say hobby?

Collecting certified Gold or Silver coins is a great way to start investing in precious metals without all the negative exposure you would have if you were investing in just straight bullion .. Coins are the best of both worlds, and certified MS70 graded coins from the Numis Network are the absolute best you can buy.

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                        2011 MS70 ANACS $5 25th Anniversary Gold Eagle, Initial Release
From its inception, the American Gold Eagle has captured the fancy of coin lovers everywhere. The American Gold Eagle is an official gold bullion coin of the United States. It was originally authorized by an act of Congress in 1985 and was first released to the public by the United States Mint in 1986. It has remained enormously popular ever since!

The Gold Bullion Act that created this series of coins mandates that the gold used to mint them must come exclusively from mines here in the United States. As a result, this coin represents a significant tangible asset in addition to it being a highly acclaimed work of art.

The American Gold Eagle features the famous ‘Standing Liberty’ design of the universally hailed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who created it with sophisticated detail and impeccable artistry. This exceptional coin has become one of the most beloved and alluring gold coins in the modern era.
Struck in durable 22 karat gold in order to hold up to the rigors of circulation, these Initial Release coins were struck by the US Mint during the first few weeks of production and celebrate the 25th anniversary of this treasured series. Each of them contains exactly one tenth of an ounce of gold, and their purity is guaranteed by the full weight of the United States Government.
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