America's Chapter 11

America’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Work-Out

By Benjamin Fulford

Anybody who knows anything about finance knows the United States is bankrupt. That means that if the US wants to recover its previous standard of living, it must listen to what its creditor nations have to say.

Based on how the governments of these nations look at the US, their likely demands can be fairly easy to predict. Here is my guess as to what the negotiations between the creditors and the bankrupt party will produce:

First of all the creditors will demand an end to endless, meaningless US/Israeli war-mongering. That will mean dismantling the drug, weapons, terrorism and prostitution ring known the CIA Directorate of Operations. Terrorist countries financed by this group, including most notably Israel and Pakistan, will have to stop supporting fake terrorism designed to promote the agenda of creating a kingdom in central Asia.

The Pentagon itself will have to come up with a long term swords to plowshares plan that will involve turning into a global police, park ranger, search and rescue and planetary defense force.

The American military industrial complex will have to transform itself into the global terra-forming and universe exploring complex. That will involve releasing to the human public at large vast amounts of technology that has been kept “secret” for “security reasons.” They should ensure that a majority of these technologies are developed into commercial products within the US in order to help end the American trade deficit.

The American business establishment will have to turn over ownership of large chunks of US industrial and commercial property in exchange for debt write-offs. However, to defend the American people, Congress will have to pass laws that ensure foreign owners of US real economic assets build them up for the benefit of both the American people and the people of the world.

The American people as a whole will have to change their attitude from, to paraphrase President Kennedy “what can the world do for us?” to “what can we do for the world?” This will mean going out to the poorest and most miserable parts of the world and offering what help they can provide.

The Americans will also have to accept that the US dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency. The Federal Reserve Board will have to become property of the US people and will have to issue a new currency backed by real assets such as gold, precious metals and commodities.

The American people will also have to give up their free-market fundamentalism and recognize that any fair economic system involves a balance between the government (representing the interests of the people as a whole) and business (representing the most productive elements of society). For starters, in order to correct past imbalances, that will mean a redistribution of assets from the richest 5% to the poorest 95%.

The Americans and Europeans will also have to accept that they represent only 17% of humanity and that they have to share stewardship of the planet with the other 83%. That means accepting a total change in how international institutions like the UN, the World Bank and the IMF are run.

Furthermore, Americans will have to go along with the world consensus that from now own disputes with other countries will be settled in the international court and not by means of war. Perhaps though, some countries will agree to, on occasion, substitute a decision by the international court with something like a soccer tournament or non-lethal war games.

As long as the Americans agree to start behaving towards the rest of the world in a civilized manner, the world will no doubt agree to write off much of their debt. They will also likely further provide generous new financing so they can rebuild their schools, their roads, their health system and their once mighty industrial base.

Finally, it should be fairly obvious to anybody with even a bit of common sense that, once the US frees itself from the financial parasites that have brought it to bankruptcy, it will be the one of the best places in the world to invest in. The US has the world’s best high-tech, best universities, hardest working people, most abundant natural resources etc. It will not take long for US soft power to re-assert itself and for the US to once again be loved and admired by the rest of the world.

However, remember this, those days of obese Americans mindlessly glued to their TV sets as they consume far more than the planet can support are over forever. And the American people will be much happier as a result of it.